Black Founders in Cannabis (3/3) Recap

Black Founders in Cannabis (3/3) Recap

Greenish Vibes Team on Mar 23rd 2023

On March 3rd, Greenish Events in partnership with the San Diego County of Black Chamber of Commerce and Greenish Vibes, hosted a panel event with the purpose of celebrating, empowering and educating Black entrepreneurs and professionals in the cannabis industry. The two panels were moderated by Ms. Cynthia Ajani who is the Co-Founder of CAFE X: By Any Beans Necessary, and featured speakers such as Freeway Ricky Ross, Virgil Grant, and Cheryl Morrow who shared their stories and experiences of building their careers in the dynamic and rapidly evolving cannabis market. 

The Black Founders in Cannabis Panel Event was a significant step toward empowering and celebrating a few Southern California operating Black entrepreneurs' critical contributions and diversity in the cannabis industry. 

"We hope that this event's momentum and impact will inspire industry leaders, policymakers, and consumers alike to continue creating opportunities for marginalized communities." - Danicka Brown-Frazier, Founder + CEO Greenish Events, Black Founders In Cannabis Panel Event Series Organizer. 

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