Canna Meets Culture Recap

Canna Meets Culture Recap

Greenish Vibes on Dec 13th 2020

The Greenish Vibes team had the honor to contribute to and be apart of the Canna Meets Culture Virtual Conference on December 4 & 5. It was largely a space for black and minorities to gather for resources and connect about business opportunities in Cannabis, Parenting and Cannabis, 420 workout sessions, Smoke Break collaborative sessions, and more. 

We added to the amazing Finding Your Path in the Business panel where we discussed actionable tips on how to utilize current skills to enter and take up space in the Cannabis industry. 

Here is our segment synopsis:

There always seems to be a rush to grow the plant or open a dispensary. Be open minded. Find your path as a Cannabis focused attorney, accountant, marketer, influencer, event promoter, etc… Whatever your passion was in Corporate America or as an entrepreneur can easily translate in the Cannabis industry. Keep in mind the Cannabis plant includes CBD, CBG & other cannabinoids. Explore possibilities in those areas as well.

This is especially true, because of the advertising, banking and regulatory issues surrounding the industry.

Another important note is that we need to get intimately involved with supporting our local and federal elected officials. Support those candidates that make federal legislation milestones in the platform. Advocacy is important to lessen the barriers in the industry and to improve the entry points.

Read the full event recap here; written by our strategic partner, Olamiji Pearse, with

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