Manzanita Naturals

Manzanita Naturals

Greenish Vibes on Jun 19th 2020

The Greenish Vibes team had the pleasure to sample some of Manzanita Naturals Cannabis infused drinks. Per their website, Manzanita Naturals is the premium

THC-infused craft beverage maker. They offer sparkling water, all natural colas, and cannabis shots.

The fizzy drinks definitely give #Summer and #BackyardBBQ Vibes. These refreshing, non cannabis tasting, drinks give a good buzz.

They were an impulse purchase while shopping at my local dispensary, March and Ash. I found them a perfect surprise. After dinner and finishing my drink, I was delightfully buzzed. At 10MG THC per bottle, $6 per bottle was pretty fair. My favorite flavor was the Strawberry Bliss — The flavor was a mild, fragrant strawberry flavor. Amazingly, 0 calories, no sugar, and all natural flavors. 2nd best was the Lemon Line cola. Reminiscent of a Sprite soda, without the guilt. 98 calories per bottle with natural cane sugar and honey to sweeten. Even though I don’t normally drink sodas, I would happily make the occasional exception; Very fresh, and flavorful. The grape flavor was my least favorite. This flavor tasted like medicine with an aftertaste. All drinks were tried chilled. I would advise again drinking warm, if possible.

I could see them being a hit at a summer party. Worth negotiating a case discount at your local dispensary.

Let us know your thoughts.

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