Music Monday - Happy Birthday Dr. King

Music Monday - Happy Birthday Dr. King

Welcome good people to another edition of GV #MusicMondays

Dedicated to the memory of our late and great ancestor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Iba se, we pray his soul rest in power. 

This playlist, significant for its heavy lyrical play and deep motivational lacing, is comprised of 15 tracks, commencing with Stevie Wonder singing happy birthday to the late great, Dr. King born 1/15/1929. 

From Joey Bada$’s lesson on persistence in Devastated, A$AP Ferg’s multi entendres declaration for all things Black and Buddy’s reference to pouring out Hennessy for ancestors in Black, to J. Cole’s expression of mindfulness in Change, the commonality within this sermon of tracks is that they are the result of generations of collective shared thought and experiences — from Africa to the modern Black Diaspora. 

We believe this curation of music is a ministry in itself; a testament to the durability of our people and the power of our compounded continuous prayer for true liberation — a ministry we believe our great ancestors would be proud of. And contrary to popular opinion and messaging, Dr. King was just as much for the “bag” as this generation of hip hop artists. His strategy and approach to securing such “bag” was just different and a product of his own generation. 

So as you enjoy listening to this week’s Greenish Vibes’ Music Mondays playlist, do so with remembrance and intention; using this energy to power your week forward.



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