About us

Embracing the Pulse of Balance

Welcome to Greenish Vibes - where our passion for wellness and healing take center stage as we reclaim power of our healing herbs. As a luxury apothecary, owned and operated by Black women, we're more than just a brand, we're a movement.
Let’s Embrace Restful Reverie
Our meticulous curation of premium herbal wellness products and accessories isn’t just about offering relief – we're here to create space for relief and rejuvenation. We understand pain, anxiety, and sleep struggles, and we're here to pave a path toward relief and rejuvenation.
Greenish Vibes- A Tribute to Black Culture's Resilience

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Harmony of Body and Spirit.

Nurtured in sunny San Diego, our love and respect for the cannabis flower infuse everything we do. Together, let's rewrite the story of cannabis and plant medicine – one of hope, transformation, and shared growth.  Our premium herbal -infused products encapsulate the essence of balance, providing a gateway to vitality and serenity.

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Our Founder

hey! my name is Danicka. Born in Chicago, currently finding life in sunny San Diego. I am a wellness advocate, analytical, community builder, healer, + lover of nice things. Cannabis changed my life. I would love to tell you about it some day.

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Greenish Vibes-  Cannabis-Infused Love for Mind and Body

So join us on this awesome journey, and let's take the world higher, together.